Oilfield Supplier

Providing procurement for oilfield equipment, Gardner Denver
pumps, down hole tools, FMC Weco/CHIKSAN unions and swivels, material handling equipment and much more...

Export Oil Field Supply Co. (Int'l) Inc. - highly experienced in sourcing and supply ranges through a number of diverse market sectors including:

  • OIL & GAS

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gardner denver

Gardner Denver

One of the most respected names in the petroleum industry, Gardner Denver designs, manufactures, markets, and services a diverse group of pumps and air compressors used in oil and natural gas drilling production, well servicing and stimulation.


Otecco Equipment

has been a leading manufacturer of high quality oilfield equipment and accessories since 1948. Our product offering is extensive, including : Gate Valves, Relief Valves, Pressure Gauges, Fluid End Consumables, Replacement Rubber Products, Rig Hardware of all kinds


The Crosby Group Inc.

Crosby is considered the standard of the industry, both nationally and internationally. The majority of Crosby's products are "Heat Treated". The "Heat Treatment" allows the product to deform if overloading occurs, giving warning before ultimate failure.



FW Murphy has been a leading innovator in engine controls and monitoring systems since 1939. FWMurphy offers hundreds of products that monitor and control compressors, pumps, generators, and more.

Our Company had its beginning as Export Tool Company in 1929. In those early days we functioned only as an exclusive export agency and through the years represented a great number of industry leaders.

Over the years we added new accounts and in the 1950's our name changed to Export Oil Field Sales to closely identify with the industry we served. The 1960's brought the first oil shortage and the evolution of our supply division, Export Oil Field Supply.

The Oil "boom" of the 1970's brought further growth for Export Oil Field Supply, and the additions of a second office. During the Oil "bust" of the 1982's we prospered due to our dedication to quality, customer service, and product diversification.

To keep pace with the ever changing international market-place of the 1990's we provide processes that reflect ISO 9002 quality system standards in our day to day operations.

Our philosophies have not changed since 1929. We believe a man's word is his bond, a handshake is a contract, and that customer service is the key to success.

As we continue to grow through alliances with both customers and vendors, we strive never to lose sight of our basic principle, which guarantees our clients fast courteous service, quality products and competitive prices.

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